Webidz Review – Is Webidz.com a Scam


Webidz Review – Is Webidz.com a Scam  


The Webidz review shows that this is an auction site bills itself as the “other website”. In the small blurb of information in the “about us” section there really is not any information about the site itself but instead there is a statement about being an alternative to Ebay.  


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The ‘about us” section does not give any information about the company itself.  




This always bugs me when a website says that there are no fees involved but than they have a fees page. It confuses me.  If there are no selling fees than what is the need for a fees page? 


Obviously the answer is that there are fees that have to be paid. The fees are relatively low and fair but I would feel a bit more trusting if they did not bill themselves as a no fee site.  


The fee structure is a bit confusing. For example the No FEE Free for Life Account is $57.69. So it is free for life if you pay $57.69? I get it I really do, I just think that their marketing is a bit off.  The rest of the fee structure varies from Platinum to Bronze.  Platinum you pay $23.21 for top shelf options bronze you pay $3.14 per month. There are different levels in each metal level. It is confusing.  



Subscription Price: Free??? 

Geography: Worldwide 

Number of Items: Thousands 



Overall, the Webidz review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however you can probably find better deals on big ticket items on a site like Auction Resource



Webidz Review – Is Webidz.com a Scam