Wavee.com Review – Is Wavee.com a Scam?



Wavee.com Review – Is Wavee.com a Scam?




The Wavee.com review shows this is yet another penny auction site where you have to purchase “credits” to be able to bid. This site offers much of what you will find at other penny auction sites, a few big ticket items, than a bunch of gift cards or other items that you can easily purchase at a pretty low cost through other avenues. This appears to be a legit auction site but lacks some of the features and big ticket items that you could find at Auction Resource at a huge discount.



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I was a bit surprised though, most of these types of auction sites do not have the actual cost of the bids that were used to win the item, but on this site the winning items listed had the price that the item won at and also had the actual cost of the bids, which to be frank confused me a bit. For example one of the winning items listed was an Apple Mac Book, the winning price was $4.30 but the actual cost of the bids that won the Mac book was $116.25, so the total cost of the Mac book was actually $120 and some change, but I could not figure out what the deal was, if you won the Mac book for $4.30 how did you wind up paying $116.25 in bids?


I clicked on the “learn more” button under the buy credits button, which was linked to a Youtube video. The video was entertaining but not that informative it was simply an advertisement. I did find out that 75 credits are sold for $100, so that would mean that Mac Book took over 75 credits to win, but still could not figure out how the $4.30 price came about. I gave up trying to figure it all out, it was simply too much to try to think about.  I did figure out though since this was a penny auction site where the bid came up in one cent increments that the Mac Book was bid on over 1000 times. That is a lot of bidding.


I do admit that Wavee.com was user friendly and had a young hip feeling to it. It was pretty easy to navigate.


I did not like the tons of gift cards that were for sale, I just am not a gift card person, and feel like it is a lot to go through to sit there and bid for hours on a $25 Itunes gift card that I am going to pay  $11.00 for plus shipping and handling, so ultimately the winner actually probably paid around $20 for the card which to be frank is not such a great deal.


I guess this site like the other penny auction sites would be a fun way to spend a few hours, for entertainment purposes as long as you don’t get caught up and spend hundreds of dollars trying to win something, anything.



Subscription Price: $0 you buy “credits” to bid with.

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Around 25 when I visited


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Overall, the Wavee.com review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam.



Wavee.com Review – Is Wavee.com a Scam?