Review – Is a Scam Review – Is a Scam is a traditional type of auction website. It is a very large auction website, when I visited there were over two million auctions that had been had on the site. There are quite a few categories of items being sold as well when I visited.



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This website is free to buyers, and to small sellers but to enjoy all the functions of the site you have to upgrade to a subscription account. There are different levels of subscription accounts with the least expensive being $1.99 for a seven day subscription which is ideal if you only have one or two items you would like to list. If you know that you are going to be selling more items over a longer period of time than the lifetime subscription option may be ideal for you, the life time subscription is $74.99 but if you upgrade within 24 hours of registering than the cost is only $49.99, the same cost as a 1 year subscription package.


The website is very easy to navigate, there are literally thousands of items to choose from and the information is clearly presented. They encourage the use of the payment system, which was a little difficult to understand, but the gist I got is that it is an online payment system, similar to but the funds are held while the item is being shipped? It was a little confusing, and I think primarily it is because this is a UK origin site so some of the companies that they referenced like Instant Euro I had no point of reference for. The site does state that you can make other payment arrangements, but that they strongly encourage you to use which after reading a bit more I realized is actually an escrow service.


They offer a unique “wanted” service where users can post what items they are looking for and if anyone in the community has them for sale they can brokerage a deal. There is a community forum which is always nice to have, so that like minded people can gather and discuss things.


The fee structure is a bit complex and this can leave folks feeling a bit frustrated, although the positives far outweigh the negatives. Most of the consumer reviews have been positive. had the following to say “Ebid's online auction just left us with a middle of the road feel after browsing through their site. We really liked their auction categories and the number of products listed, as they were quite extensive. However, we didn’t really think their pricing scheme and membership fees were that understandable and the novice buyer or seller may run into some problems. Signing up for an account and placing/listing a bid are easy enough, so that shouldn’t pose too much of a burden on visitors.”


A big bone of contention that quite a few consumers have sighted is the lack of customer service, if customer service is an important aspect to you than you may want to look elsewhere, if you are confident that you can handle these types of transactions on your own, than have at it.


Subscription Price: Varies

Geography: Worldwide

Number of Items: Thousands




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Overall, the Review shows this is a decent site and is not a scam. Review – Is a Scam