Review – Is Taxsalelists a Scam? Review – Is Taxsalelists a Scam?  

The review shows that this is a unique website in that it is selling a unique product.  Basically this website is selling tax lien lists. Each county in the United States generates a tax lien list for real property when the property owner is delinquent after a certain period of time if the property owner does not pay the taxes due on the property than the property will be auctioned off to the highest bidder to cover the cost of the lien.  


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Registration is free at this website, there is a fee to buy the lists, but that fee is not published immediately and it is assumed that you will be informed of the cost after you go through the free registration process.  



There is a special section of how to manuals that you can purchase to self educate on how the tax lien process works. These manuals that are delivered in the form of EBooks.  You can get the comprehensive guide for Tax Sales and all 29 books in the series for $895.00. The lowest cost guides are $35.00 but they are recommended to be sold with the “Guide” it was not clear if you could buy the manual separate from the guide, the guide is $105.00.  

The guides were geared toward specific states and the tax lien laws of that state.  It seems like a lot of money to me to spend unless you were very serious about investing in this type of property, especially since there is no way of knowing how much the actual lists are.  


Free Lists  

These lists that are being sold on this website can be had from any county tax office for free, of course it would be time consuming to visit every county, but a lot of counties offer this information online now so it is very easy to access. This can be a real time saver. 

It seems like this site has a lot of  potential but can become rather expensive. 

Subscription Cost: $0 

Number of Items: Lists of Tax lien properties actual number can not be determined 

Geography: Nationwide  


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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Taxsalelists a Scam?