Swoopo Review - Is Swoopo.com a Scam


Swoopo Review - Is Swoopo.com a Scam?


The Swoopo.com Review shows this is an auction site that is dedicated to  the penny auction model.  The site has been up and running for five years or so. There is no membership fees, but you have to buy bid packs. The bids are sixty cents each and they are sold in various quantities in bid packs.




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The Swoopo review shows that all the auctions begin at one dollar and are increased in increments of either one cent, two cents, six cents, twelve cents or twenty four cents. There is a clock that runs down on each auction.  So you are bidding against both the timer and other bidders.


The items are all new and come in factory sealed boxes. There are different types of electronics that are available and a lot of gift cards.


The contact us page is laid out well and offers up a phone number, email and a physical address which I find a bit reassuring. The FAQ page only address six questions, and I know I had more than six questions about the site.


The downside to Swoopo.com is that you are buying bids, and you lose if you do not win the auction. Of course, this really counterintuitive to buying through auctions in the first place. The idea is to save money on items not to spend money on nothing. The cost seems rather prohibitive to me, and can rack up quickly.


There really wasn’t many items to bid on.  The majority of the items that were listed were either gift cards or they were bid packs.  There were a few electronic items. I actually spied only one lap top.


I stayed around for a while and watched a few auctions end. One of the auctions I literally thought would never end, the timer kept resetting, over and over again. Since there is time added to the auction after every bid, there was literally sixty minutes added in all during the last minute of time left.


All in all, the Swoopo.com review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam. It is a bit of a lottery, you buy your tickets and keep your fingers crossed that you will be able to win, but you have to invest money to take the chance.




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Subscription Price: $0 but you have to purchase the bid packs @ sixty cents per bid.

Geography: World Wide

Number of Items: 200 ?


Customer Feedback

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"It is a total scam. You will never win any bids. They will just keep collecting your bid fee. The scam here is quite obvious. Google "swoopo" and you will see some more links attesting to the scam. Get the word out on the internet before these fraudsters steal people's money. There are some dumb people out there that will fall for this."  Yahoo Answers


"it does work if you are able to win an item! duh! otherwise the website wouldn't even be there. for the people that are complaining... its simply because they have not won a bid yet and are becoming so frustrated. if they won something, they would say that the website is amazing. i won items from it and i think it is perfect... you just need the patience and need to win a bid. ultimately, the money you save using this website really outweighs the money that you spend." Yahoo Answers



Swoopo Review - Is Swoopo.com a Scam