Review- Is Shopbig a Scam Review- Is Shopbig a Scam?


The review shows that this is a penny auction site which means that the bids are made in increments of one cent. This is a beta site which means it is a new trial site that will be adjusted over time to work out any kinks.


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I toured around a bit to see what was offered and how things were working. The top of the landing page lays out the steps for you on how to get in on the action. Of course step one is to buy bid packs, the bids are purchased for sixty cents a piece. So really when a bid is increased by one cent it is actually costing you fifty nine cents to bid. Which leads to my biggest problem with these penny auction sites. Some sites do post how much an item actually costs in real money spent, most do not, they typically will give you the bid cost for example a laptop that is won for $5 (which is 500 bids) actually cost the bidder $295 dollars to win, which by and far is a bargain but typically this information is not posted.


You can get some real deals at this site as long as you are willing to put the time into, and as long as you can find something worth bidding on. There are a lot of bid packs up for grabs and when I visited there were maybe 7 items that were worth bidding on, things like an IPAD which was won for $49.71 which probably actually cost the high bidder a few hundred dollars, a WII was listed for auction as well, a TV and a few other high ticket items were up for grabs.


The contact page only had an email link, and a snail mail address no phone number. They would do well to add a phone number, people like being able to talk to a real time person to get the answers they want.


There is a community forum which is always a nice touch, where like minded people can chat, although it is a bit odd since you are bidding against these like minded folks.


The smallest bid packs that they sell are sold in 40 bids which is $24.00 to purchase so to just get into the game you have to spend $24.00. We could not find any coupons for a cheaper rate.


They are unique in that they give back 25% of all bids each month to the members of the community, they also do not charge shipping or taxes which is a really nice touch. They also offer a “buy it now” option where you can elect to buy the product at the full price if you do not win the auction, all of your used bids will be applied to the purchase price of the item.


The website was very easy to navigate, it was user friendly and most of the information I wanted I was able to find.


Subscription Price: Technically $0 but you have to buy bid packs to register so really at least $24


Geography: Nationwide


Number of Items: Around 100 mostly bid packs/gift cards



Click here for the consumers #1 rated auction site



Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review- Is Shopbig a Scam