Review – Is Seizedpropertyauctions a Scam Review – Is Seizedpropertyauctions a Scam?  

The review shows that this is an auction website that auctions off property that has been seized for different reasons. The source of the property that is auctioned off is varied. The goods range from jewelry to collectibles and every thing in between. This seems to be a good site but not as good as Auction Resource


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The bidding typically starts with a reserve that has to be met.  There is a fee to bid that ranges from one dollar to five dollars depending on the item. There is a yearly subscription option that you can choose so that you do not have to pay the bid fee on each item.  Finding the yearly subscription fee was impossible and it can only be assumed that this information will be disclosed after you register. 

Registration Requirements  

You do need a credit card to register and a valid email account. You must be 18 years old and able to legally enter into a contract.  It is not clear if the credit card will be charged for registration.  You fill out the form than a confirmation email is sent to the email address you have listed.  

The Website 

The website is overall easy to navigate.  The information is laid out clearly. The contact page is very informative and has a phone number, an address, a fax number and an email.  This lends credibility to the website.  

Delivery and Returns 

The items are guaranteed but with limitations.  It is important to read thoroughly all of the terms and conditions so that you do not experience any surprises should you decide to take a chance and bid on any of the items.  

Some Perks 

This website is chockfull of art, oil paintings that are signed by the artist and other art pieces seem to be available in abundance. There are also a lot of fine jewelry options as well. The prices are seemingly competitive.  

Down Side 

The fact that the membership fee is not disclosed is an irritant, and also that it is not disclosed if there is a membership or registration fee until you enter all your information is also a bit  annoying.  

What Consumers Have to Say 

There were no independent consumer reviews about this site.   


This website is easy to navigate and had some interesting items up for auction.  It may be worth a try if it does not cost anything to register for and the fee for bidding is only a $1 than why not take a chance on some great items? 

Subscription Cost: Unknown 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Hundreds 


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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Seizedpropertyauctions a Scam