Review – Is Seizedluxuryhomes a Scam Review – Is Seizedluxuryhomes a Scam?   


The review shows this site can prove to be a real opportunity (maybe). This is as seen on TV website. It purports to offer luxury homes that were seized for whatever reasons. The advertised prices are just amazingly low. Seems like some good deals but not as good as Auction. 


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The landing page advertises that you can buy homes from as little as $1000 if only a few people are bidding on the house.  





Here is the catch you have to join the website and pay a fee. The fee is relatively low at $34.95, reduced from $69.95. You get a few Ebooks as part of your membership. Not a bad price.  



All You Get  


On this website you don’t get to attend an auction in real time through the website. All you get is information that you can get yourself. This website is a database of seized homes that are coming up for auction. This can be a real convenience of you are in the real estate business 


The Ebooks may prove useful as a way to better understand how home auctions work, but lets face facts there is no real hidden secrets. Which is exactly what these books being billed as. The hidden secrets to winning at the auction game. Basically you show up at the auction put in your bid, if you are the highest bidder than you win, if you are not than you do not win.  


It seems like a great opportunity that can save you a lot of time and money. 



Before The Housing Crisis 


This website has been in place since before the housing crisis made finding homes at auction a daily occurrence. So perhaps when the website was started than it was possibly a unique website but today there are many more available. 


You can find cheap homes at auction in every county of every state in the union without having to look to hard.  



Subscription Price: $34.95 (this week only?) 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: O information only.  



Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it is not as good as Auction Resource Review – Is Seizedluxuryhomes a Scam