Review – Is Seizedacquisitions a Scam? Review – Is Seizedacquisitions a Scam?




The review shows that this is an auction website that requires membership to be able to participate in.  The categories on this site primarily were Art, Jewelry, Collectibles and Glassware. I am not sure where the items were seized from. The website eludes that the items come from government agencies, bankruptcy, estate liquidations etc, but does not go on to say which government agencies or which banks it is rather vague. I guess ultimately it does not matter where the items come from.



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There is a 14% premium on all items that is paid by the winner of the item.  This can get a bit expensive, because many of the items that are being auctioned are pretty high end to begin with.  I could not really determine what the current bids were because you had to be a member to see what the high and low bid was.


Shipping is a bit expensive as well. For example an antique silver necklace was listed as shipping for $17.  I am not sure how it was being shipped so if it was expedited shipping than it might be worth the cost.


The site was kind of without any real dazzle. There was not a lot of information that was available until you registered and the registration form was too long for me to deal with. There were a lot of personal questions that were asked and things like my phone number was required and I just don’t feel great about giving out that kind of information to just browse a site.


There contact information that was posted on the site was very comprehensive and offered up a telephone number, emails and a physical address. There was no “about us” page so I really could not get a lot of information. One of the questions that I found pressing that I could not find an answer to was whether this company was affiliated with any particular governmental body or not, my guess is not, but they tried desperately to convey the message that they were. The website is rather official looking, and I assume that is for the purpose to make the general public believe that it is some type of official government website.


I saw a lot of jewelry, currency and believe it or not nesting doll sets along with some art up for auction, there were a lot of items listed for this particular auction but they were only in the categories listed previously. Some of the jewelry was really nice stuff, but the website states that it does not warranty the information that is provided in the listing other than carat weight.


If you are in the market for some jewelry or you are a currency collector, than this might be the place for you, but if you are looking for something else, than you might want to consider a different site.



Subscription Price: Free

Geography: US and Canada

Number of Items: Hundreds



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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Seizedacquisitions a Scam?