Reviews – Is Rockybid a Scam? Reviews – Is Rockybid a Scam?





The reviews show that this is another penny auction website. The penny auction works buy increasing the price of an auction item in one cent increments, typically, the site sometimes increases the item by $.15 per bid depending on the type of auction it is and the item.


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There are some unique features about Most penny auction sites do not provide you with any reward type system nor do they allow you to do anything with the bids that you have lost, for example if you make bids on the site and lose those bids, you can use the credits from those bids towards the purchase price of any item that you do win in the next 30 days. This is a great incentive for most folks to continue to visit the site and bid on items trough out the month.


The reviews also show another great feature is the reward system. You earn points each time you purchase bids that can be used in the rewards store. Of course it may take a while to build up your points, but this feature is certainly better than getting nothing at all for your money. At many of the penny auction sites, once you buy your bids and than lose them at an auction ends your relationship with your money, you get nothing in return.


The website is easy to navigate. There is a comprehensive frequently asked questions page that addressed most of my questions. There is also a live chat feature to contact customer support this is also a very nice feature.


On the downside when I visited there was only a total of 172 auctions with probably 90% of the auctions dedicated to gift cards and bid packs. For some folks winning gift cards at a reduced price is a great deal.


The reviews show a couple of big name items were being auctioned off, things like an Ipad and a Kindle along with a WII and a couple of other electronics, but to be frank there were not many items other than gift cards and bid packs.


On the upside of things, there are quite a few positive unsolicited comments regarding winners on this website. Evidently people that win the bids are very happy with the site and people that do not win are not so happy.


This seems to be an upstanding website. I personally do not like the penny auctions, because I feel like they are more of a lottery than an auction, and they require a lot of work even using the automatic bidding options, but I was intrigued by this site, because of the reward options and the fact that you do not lose all the money you bid if you keep on bidding in the same month.


The bottom line this may be a good place to hang around for a bit and bid, at least you are rewarded even if in some small way for taking the plunge.


Subscription Price: $0 you buy bid packs to bid with

Geography: Currently nationwide.

Number of Items: 172


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Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however there are better alternatives available. Reviews – Is Rockybid a Scam?