Review of – Is Zbiddy a Scam?


Review of – Is Zbiddy a Scam?  


How many penny auction sites are there in total? My best guess is in the hundreds. I have visited at least one hundred and have found that they all share a common theme. You lose money right from out the gate and they make money, a lot of money on each item they sell! 


Does that mean that I am anti penny auction, no it just means that I am an aware consumer. I still like the idea of attending penny auctions because I like the gamble of it all. As long as you attack a penny auction site as if you are playing a game of chance and you can stand to lose a few dollars in pursuit of saving a lot of money than have at it! 


Let’s Talk About 


I want a penny auction site to offer a few things that really matter to me. I want free stuff. I want to sign up and have some free bids to use because the gambler in me tells me that I can use those free bids to win some more free bids and so on and so forth. The bids cost sixty cents a piece and come in varying pack size you can get started for under $15. 


First fail for me is no freebies. The reviews show no free bids for signing up. Other sites offer up to 30 free bids for just registering. needs to jump on board with the free bids for registration. If I am going to lose money anyway I want to at least get a few goodies out of the deal. 


Second fail for me which really is not a fail but more of an expectation. I want to see more inventory. There just was only a handful of items that I felt would be worthy of a bid. I was disappointed by what they offered. Lots of bid packs and lots of gift cards with a stingy pinch of high end electronics. 




I am a bit disenchanted with this site, I think mainly because I can simply not get past the no free bids for registering. I do not think that this site is a ripoff. I do think that you can do better on other sites that offer like items because you can get freebies that you can not get here. The site is well laid out and easy to use so that is a bonus. I guess ultimately if you want to try something new you could take a look! 


Subscription Price: $0 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Geography: Nationwide 


Overall, the reviews show that this site is legit and not a scam, however most people prefer using a service like for finding deals online.