Realtystore Review – Is a Scam


Realtystore Review – Is a Scam?  


The Realtystore review shows that this is a website that lists real estate foreclosures. This is a membership fee based site. You can browse around for free but none of the information about the properties will be released to you unless you are a member.  


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This website is one of many websites like it, probably the most popular being Auction Resource. The recent housing crash has left plenty of foreclosures on the market. These innovative entrepreneurs that founded these types of websites are in full steam ahead mode to take advantage of the current market situation. There is nothing wrong of course with a little free enterprise.  


Membership Costs  


Luckily there is a “free” 7 day trial that only costs $1? Not sure about the free part but if you subscribe to this site and cancel on the sixth day you will only be charged $1. After the 7 day free trial period you will be charged $49.50 per month. 


You can cancel at anytime according to the website but lets say you cancel on the fifteenth of the month you do not get a half month credit you are charged for the whole month.  The next month following the month you cancelled you will not be charged for. 


What Do They Sell


Basically what this website offers for your $49.50 per month are lists of foreclosed properties and that’s it. They do offer some brief tutorials on how to buy and bid on foreclosed properties but basically what you are paying for is available for free at most county courthouses.  


What Consumers are Saying 


Other consumers have had the following experience with this website: “Company has taken unauthorized charges against my credit card . The "initial free use" part of their services is very misleading and does not legally constitute them taking future charges against a credit card when the credit card holder is not made aware of this hidden future fee for a "free week period" . Deceptive business practice!” “I signed up for a FREE 7 day trial of (Realty Store) just to check out the service.  Once I logged in, I saw that the service wasn't what I was looking for, so I opted out of there subscription services, well within the 7 day trial period, in fact it was within minutes of opting in that I opted out.  


They charged my credit card anyway. I emailed them and insisted they return my money and take my off their list. They promised they would refund my money, but as of today, I am still waiting. 


In the mean time, I got an additional charge on my credit card from for $29.95. I have never requested any information or purchased any product related to foreclosures except for finding out that was the type of information on” 



Subscription Price: $49.50 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items:  Foreclosure Information 



Overall, the Realtystore review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however consumers might be more comfortable with a well known site like Auction Resource.  



Realtystore Review – Is a Scam