Realtybid Reviews – Is a Scam


Realtybid Reviews – Is a Scam?  


The Realtybid reviews show that this is billed as the number one real estate bidding site. This website is an auction website for real estate. This company has been online since 2001. It was started by two veteran real estate professionals. 


Click here to view the top Real Estate Auction Sites offers properties for auction from all of the states in the union. has participated in over 500 million dollars in sales.  This may be one of the most active sites of its kind. is a unique approach to facilitating real estate sales. With the state of the market in 2010 and relatively little improvement in 2011 this may be the beginning of a trend.  


Agents Fees 


As an agent to list a property there is a standard upload fee of $150. There is no other fee that the seller is liable for. The $150 covers a 7 day, 14 day or 21 day bidding period. This is a relatively low fee that is certainly justifiable when you consider the exposure the property is going to receive. This is an easily affordable marketing fee.  


The buying agent is responsible for a 1% fee of the total purchase price. You can join for free and browse for free which is a great opportunity to see what is out there. The 1% buying fee is well worth the fee because you are sure to save some money. actively markets the site by optimizing every opportunity available. uses all the latest technology to drive traffic to the website. Seems to be a viable site but probably not as good as  


User Friendliness gets high points for overall ease of use. Everything on the site is well laid out. All the information you need to get started is literally at your fingertips. The costs are published up front which I always like.  


The FAQ page is comprehensive with a lot of the questions I had addressed. The corporate information is easily accessible.  



This site has a lot going for it. It is easy to use, the fees are definitely reasonable and it fosters a quicker easier way to sell property. The buyer wins because ultimately he or she will save a bagful of money.  The seller wins because ultimately they get to sell what may have been otherwise a hard property to sell. is a good bet if you are in the market for selling or buying. The price is right and the exposure cant be beat.  



Subscription Price: Free 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: thousands  


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Overall, the Realtybid reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam. 



Realtybid Reviews – Is a Scam