Quibids Review – Is Quibids.com a Scam?



Quibids Review – Is Quibids.com a Scam?


The Quibids.com review shows that this is a penny auction website where you have to purchase your bids before you ever bid. The bids cost $.60 each, which is not too high but when you consider that you can use all your bids up very early on in the auction that sort of changes things. They do have a buy it now feature, so at any time you can decide to pay the buy it now price, any bids that you have made are subtracted from the total cost of the item. This appears to be a legit auction site but lacks some of the features and big ticket items that you could find at Auction Resource at a huge discount.



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The idea is that the items are won at such a low cost it is well worth the risk of losing $10 or $15 at each auction. It seemed like it was a little counterintuitive to pay for an auction before you actually bid on anything. The bid packs are sold at the lowest for 40 bids plus tax so it is at least $25.00 to get started. I would also think that since the lowest bid pack is sold at $25.00 there is a very strong possibility that you will run through it rather quickly or they would make the lowest bid pack for 10 bids or 20 bids.


The recent auctions that ended, showed that a waterproof digital camera was sold for $.26, and a  dual view camera was sold for $.88, this if it is true is simply amazing, but I am a bit of a cynic when it comes to the “too good to be true” stuff.


I don’t like the idea of handing off money with the hopes that I might get something in return.  It makes me uncomfortable to lose money on the outside chance that I may or may not win. Sure, I like to gamble just like the next guy, but I like to know straight up front that I am gambling, not think that this is some type of bidding opportunity when really it is more of a lottery.


The Quibids website itself is laid out well, it was easy to navigate and the language was easy to understand, so I guess that was a plus. They had some decent items, like a Toshiba Laptop an IPAD and a Flat Screen LCD TV, but that was about it the rest of the items were gift cards, and low end items. It might be worth a visit if you are in the market for any of the big ticket  items and can afford to lose a few dollars to see if you can win something amazing at a low cost. Generally though there was not anything that impressive on the site.


This might be something to do in your spare time, when you are looking for a little action to entertain yourself and maybe win something.



Subscription Price: $0 but you have to buy the bids at a minimum of $25

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Less than 50

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The Quibids.com review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it does lack some key components compared to the #1 rated auction site of Auction Resource.



Quibids Review – Is Quibids.com a Scam?