Quibids.com Review – Anyone Have Any Complaints


Quibids.com Review – Anyone Have Any Complaints

Quibids.com is a penny auction site. There are roughly five hundred or more penny auction sites that are online right now. Many of the penny auction sites fold as quickly as they crop up. Quibids.com has been around for awhile which is a testament to the type of penny auction site it is. While there are deals to be had at just about any penny auction site, a more popular choice seems to be using a service like Auctionresource.org for finding good deals online.

About Quibids

Billed as the penny auction site with the funny name, Quibids has managed to stay in the game by providing some great opportunities to consumers to purchase high end goods for pennies on the dollar.

Like all penny auction sites you do have to purchase bids before you ever bid. The bid packs at Quibids cost less for the larger bid packs however if you are new to penny auctions you are better off opting for the smaller bid packs just to get your feet wet.

The bids at Quibids range is price from $.60 per bid to $.40 per bid. This is just about the average in industry standards. The Quibids review shows that each bid is only worth one penny when you use it to bid. At most penny auction sites once you lose your bids that is it they are gone. At Quibids you have opportunities to redeem them. There are programs in place so that you can use your lost bids to purchase items that are offered below retail costs.

Quibids Review -Things I Like

I liked that you can reuse your lost bids! That is a big bonus because you can opt to bid on something you were going to buy anyway and either win it for pennies on the dollar or buy it out right using your lost bids and adding a few dollars.

I also like the tutorials that are offered to help people get started. There are many different pluses to using Quibids. One of the biggest pluses is that they offer an extensive amount of inventory.

Most penny auction sites offer a full range of bid packs and gift cards for auction with a few high end items like laptops and cameras.

Quibids Reviews - Things I Did Not Like

I did not like the fact that there are no sign on bonuses. On other sites when you register you are given free bids! It is a nice bonus to be able to have some free bids to start off with. Other than that one small improvement there was nothing that I disliked. I did read a review online that complained that the auctions were rigged. I got the feeling that this complaint was lodged by someone that may have lost at an auction.

This is a good reliable site for penny auction fun. Penny auctions are often referred to as entertainment shopping because they are a fun way to get the items you want! Quibids is a great option to get started or to continue your journey in the penny auction world

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Overall, the Quibids.com reviews shows this to be a legit site and not a scam with very few complaints to be found. However a more popular choice seems to be using a service like Auctionresource.org for finding great deals online.