Review – Is Publicsurplus a Scam Review – Is Publicsurplus a Scam?  

The review shows that this is a website that is devoted to selling off items that local, state and federal municipal agencies no longer use. It is a bit difficult to find information as a buyer, for example there is no information posted about the cost to the buyer. This appears to be a legit site but not as good as Auction Resource


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Figuring out if there are any charges to the buyer is difficult because the FAQ is geared toward agencies that want to list items to sell. The agencies are charged fee for the items that they list and even that was a bit vague. Evidently the fees are based on a number of variables that include how much the agency sells and how many times it lists items, the bottom line there is no hard facts that are listed as far as fees or costs.  


Items for Sale 

The reviews show that  this website has some really interesting stuff for sale. Cars, equipment, heavy equipment, office equipment is just to name a few. The deals seemed to notch as well.  This looks like a good site if you are in the market to bid on a car that has been used by a county or state office, or if you are in the market for earth moving equipment or other equipment that a municipal agency might use.  



The site itself is easy enough to navigate, although more information about how to bid and the process would greatly improve the site. It is a bit confusing to enter into a site when you really do not understand what the policy is.  Registration seems simple enough, they have to be able to verify your home address and your phone number, and they call your phone number but did not mention how they verify your address.  The policy is they will not activate your account until they verify your information.  


What Did Other Consumers Think? 

There were no independent consumer reviews on the web; this could be because it is a relatively new site or it could that no one has thought to review it.  

If the site functions as it says it will it would be a good site to visit and check out the deals.  The website does not give enough information out to really form any opinion about it. If you are interested in buying any of the items that are listed than the only way you will be able to find out about costs and fees are to register.  I tried the chat option to ask some questions, but just got a form that opened up and asked for my contact information.  

Subscription Price: Unknown 

Geography: United States 

Number of Items: Many 



Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not as scam, however, it does not appear to be as good as Auction Resource Review – Is Publicsurplus a Scam