Reviews – Is Proxibids a Scam Reviews – Is Proxibids a Scam?  

The reviews show that this is a unique auction services website. What makes this site unique is that you bid at live auctions all around the world in real time virtually. This site offers live real time bidding on a host of items, at a host of different locations. Seems like a good service but not as good as Auction Resource.


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It gets its moniker from the trait that you can use a proxy to bid for you.  The proxy is the system.  Typically a proxy bid is done in real time by a live person.  In real life your maximum bid would be given to a proxy on your behalf and they would bid for until you won or reached the maximum bid amount.  With the system does the bidding for you. This is really quite a unique idea.  

The reviews show the the website is easy to navigate and well laid out.  The FAQ’s were not as comprehensive as I would have liked.  I could not find any information about fees to the website. They did discuss buyer fees but that would be paid directly to the auction house. It did say that you did not need a credit card at registration, so that seems like registration did not have a charge connected to it, but I would have liked to have been told up front what the fee is to use the service, certainly the service is not free?  


Contact Information  

The Contact Us page was quite comprehensive; it has a toll free number listed for support services and a convenient online form you can use.  Customer service is available from 7am -7pm Central time.  The toll free number is not available to international clients, but they do have a toll number that international customers can use.  

Items for Auction 

This website is not an auction site so it does not sell anything, it sells its service.  The items that are available are very varied and largely depend on which auction house is holding the auction.  The terms and conditions vary as well from auction to auction, so if you decide to embark with this service be sure you read the terms and conditions each time you decide to attend an auction.  



This may be an interesting way to bid on auctions that you normally could not attend because of the geographical location. It is hard to determine the overall cost, but since it seems free to register and it did say you could watch the live auctions for free, it may be a good option.  

Subscription Price: $0 Other Costs Not Determined 

Geography: International  

Number of Items: Potentially Thousands 



Overall, the Proxibids review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it is not as good as Auction Resource. Reviews – Is Proxibids a Scam