Reviews – Is Propertyroom a Scam Reviews – Is Propertyroom a Scam?   

The reviews show that this is a unique auction site in that it caters to law enforcement agencies around the country.  It is an interesting concept.  The site was started in 1999 by a few law officers. They saw a need and came up with the site to fulfill the need of law enforcement agencies.  


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The site contracts with law enforcement agencies to auction off seized property, surplus materials and property that has been acquired.  

How It Works 

The review shows that the process is relatively simple. You create an account and you can start bidding.  It is free to register, browse and bid. You do have to have a verified payment method like a credit card, debit card or a paypal account.  

Once you are registered you can begin to bid on a huge array of items. You have couple of options if you win an item on how to receive the item. You can pick up the item from one of the 4 distribution centers or you can have it shipped to you.  


This website is easy to navigate. The contact information is comprehensive with a phone number, several addresses listed and email contact options. I liked this site, because it was simple clear cut information that was provided and it had some really great offerings.  

The inventory had some really intriguing stuff listed like an unopened envelope from the US Mint containing a 1964 silver proof set.   

Your item is shipped within 2 business days of winning the item.  


I could not find any except for the return policy.  Returning an item to is in a word a headache. You have to call and get an RGA number, once you get your number you have to keep in mind that the RGA expires after 30 days. Once receives your merchandise and your written claim as to why you want to return the item then they can decide whether to approve or deny your claim.  That stinks as far as I am concerned and as much as I loved the site it would certainly give me pause to think that I am buying something through a small picture on a website and than when I receive the item if I don’t want it I am stuck with it? Not so good.  

I found one complaint from a resident in Florida that drove from Orlando to the Miami distribution center and experienced a bit of a problem picking up his winnings.  

I liked the stuff that they had listed for auction. I don’t like their return policy, but I still think it may be worth a try. Good site, but not as good as Auction Resource.

Subscription Price: $0 

Geography: US physical address deliveries only.  

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Reviews – Is Propertyroom a Scam