Review – Is Plunderhere a Scam Review – Is Plunderhere a Scam?  

The review shows that this site has, besides an unusual name, several things to offer. There were 49 users online when I strolled past the site that is a really small amount of people when you consider that it is located on the World Wide Web with world being the key phrase here. Seems to be a legit site but not as good as Auction Resource.

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Benefit of the Doubt 

Blank pages can mean that this is a brand spanking new website. The site fees are all $0 USD. There is a one time $3.50 payment when you register as a seller that has to come from a PayPal account so that verification is possible, but I could not fully grasp how this site made any money, if all the listing fees are free and there were only $3.50 charged for each seller, that means that the site made no money, because according to the information posted they give back the $3.50 for incidentals that you will be charged. Is it possible that there is an EBay alternative that is completely free? 


Contact Info 

There is no contact info listed, contact is made by a web form, where you fill out your information and leave your question and someone gets back to you.  I usually like to have an 800 number and talk to someone in person but still not a big deal as many auction sites are the same way as  


What Consumers Think 

I was surprised to find reviews because it seemed so small and suspect to me, but the consumers seem to love it and through a review I was able to determine that the final value fee is 2.5% with no other fees!  A consumer at had this to say “New design, very fast moving around the site, full featured, free stores and listings, incredible live support and great offline support too. A superb alternative to eBay, very high quality site with an amazing community spirit. Well recommend” 

There are no negative reviews to share!  

The Plunderhere review shows that this seems to be an up and coming site, I would guess over time the fee structure will change, so getting in as a seller while things are free is a great opportunity.  


Subscription Price: $0 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Hundreds 



Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it still lacks compared to Auction Resource. Review – Is Plunderhere a Scam