Penny Auction Strategy


Penny Auction Strategy  


The penny auctions have really taken off. Depending on who you are talking to they are a great way to shop and save or they are the worst way to shop and save. The difference of opinion largely comes from whether someone has won an item or whether someone has not won an item. While penny auctions are fun, I still prefer a site like Gov-Auctions due to the fact that there are a lot more deals to be had. 


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Obviously if you are a winner than you are going to report a positive experience and if you lost than you are probably going to report a negative experience. Well you can be on the winning end of things by following a sure fire penny auction strategy!  


How to Devise a Penny Auction Strategy!  


The best way to get a feel for the penny auction site that you are on and to develop a strategy is to take a seat and watch the action. It can be very hard not to jump right in, but sitting back and watching a few auctions wind down will give you the opportunity to see how things really work on the site.  


Take a look to see how long it actually takes for the auctions to wind down and determine if the winner comes in late in the game more often than not or if they seem to be around from the beginning.  


To develop a winning penny auction strategy you may have to sit out a few auctions and try to determine how things are working. It will pay off in the end if you do this. The longer you wait to jump in and the more information you collect about the proceedings the better off you will be.  


Take a Look At Reviews 


Look around online for reviews of the penny auction site you plan on using, of course use your own judgment ultimately but take a look at what other folks have experienced. If the reviews lean toward to many negative experiences than you might want to consider another site. As part of your penny auction strategy you need to consider the site you are going to. A site that has many positive reviews is probably a good bet and should be considered as part of your winning strategy.  


You can win at the penny auctions all you have to do is take the time to develop a winning strategy. There are plenty of people that have saved tons of money by participating in the penny auctions. However, you may want to check out other top rated auction sites so you can see what other deals are available.