Penny Auction Sites with Free Bids


Penny Auction Sites with Free Bids


Penny auction sites with free bids are widely available. Why? The answer is simple enough. What better way to get you to play than to give you free bids to play with? Penny auction sites are well aware that you are ten times more likely to sign up to the site and get the bug if you can start out with free bids.


Penny auction sites are stir up a  lot of buzz. People either swear by them or they swear at them. They are a great way to save some money and have some fun while you do it. Those free bids can be your stepping stone to savings or that first step into financial ruination.


Free Bids


Many of the penny auction sites offer free bids to new members. and are good examples. They offer new comers ten or so free bids if they have the code either from the television ad or the online marketing.


The free bids can be used to bid on more bids. Most people lose their free bids in the first fifteen minutes they are online so the company really does not lose anything. As a matter of fact I have never heard of anyone that has one anything with their free bids, that does not mean that people have not it just means that I don’t know of anyone.


As long as you keep your expectations clear free bids are a great way to get your foot in the door of penny auctioning and see how things work.


Bid Packs


You can use your free bids to bid on bid packs and if you win that means you get more free bids! Most penny auction sites auction off bid packs so that people can get bids at a cut rate deal.


Companies that Offer Free Bids


There are literally hundreds of penny auction sites here are some that offer free bids to newcomers:


Click Here for the Top Rated Auction Site


You want to check these sites to make sure that the offers for the free bids for registration are still valid. Typically promotions do not change frequently but they do change.