Overstock Auctions Review – Is the Overstock.com Auction a Scam?



Overstock Auctions Review – Is the Overstock.com Auction a Scam?




The Overstock Auctions review shows that Overstock.com has become a huge sales force in the internet community. This is a well known retail name online so you would certainly expect great customer service and fair practices. Registration is easy but does require credit or debit card information. A valid email address is required to register as well. There are different fees for seller packages the website does not do a very good job of explaining the fees.


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The Overstock auctions review shows that most items on this site are brand new in the box. There are many different categories from household items to electronics to real estate. The process is simple when it comes to bidding, when it comes to selling it is a bit more complex. There are several different lists of fees to have to contend with, and can be a bit confusing, there are also a lot of different options for selling that also have to be considered, it would make things easier for everyone involved if they kept the selling options down a bit.


The best way to find out if a site is worthy is by really paying attention to a few key factors; the ease to navigate the site, the fee that are associated with navigating the site, customer service and listening to what other folks are saying about their experience with the site.


The Overstock Auctions review show that this site meets all the criteria for a site that is worthy of attention. The site is easy to navigate, registration is free, customer service is excellent and most consumers have nothing but good things to say about the site.


100auctionsites, an independent consumer review website has the following to say “We would especially like to recommend the Overstock.com auctions to any first-time auction bidders. The online auction world can be a daunting and confusing place at first, but Overstock’s auctions provide a great bit of help for the beginners. The site is extremely user friendly, and includes a site-map and some great tutorials about buying and selling.”


Auctionbytes offers the following “Generally I'd consider Overstock to be a fairly good bet given its relatively high   STR and large number of active auctions over a broad range of categories.”


A lot of the reviewers typically felt that this site was a great alternative to the long standing E auction website that has had a corner on the auction market for a long time.


There were some negative reviews out there, but largely the complaints were regarding dissatisfaction with a particular item and not with the website of the service at the website itself.


Overall, this site is a safe bet for auction items. There are literally tens of thousands of items listed, the downside is that the fee structure is confusing and there is no way to pull up previous auctions to see what the high and low of the auctioned items were.


Subscription Price: Free to buy, Selling- the rates vary and the fee schedule is a bit confusing.

Geography: Worldwide

Number of Items: Ten’s of Thousands


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Overall, the Overstock Auctions review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam.



Overstock Auctions Review – Is the Overstock.com Auction a Scam?