Overnightauctions Review – Is Overnightauctions.net a Scam


Overnightauctions Review – Is Overnightauctions.net a Scam?  

The Overnightauctions.net review shows that this is a web auction site that seems to sell homemade goods, like crafts and letters from Santa. There were quite a few good deals on VHS video tapes when I was there, but VHS? The items ultimately were not really something I would look to purchase but some folks may find just the right item on this website. This seems like a legit site but not as good as Auction Resource

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The Overnightauctions.net review shows that sellers have to pay a one time verification fee of $6 to get started this is for the protection of the buyers since there are quite a few unsavory folks online that may not necessarily be who they say they are this step is necessary and appreciated. Buyers register for free!  

The seller assumes all end of auction fees and listing fees. It was not clear from the information posted how the fees worked whether it was a percentage which I assume it was or not, it was just listed as End of Auction Fees $.01 to $999999. It was how all the fees were listed which makes things a little difficult to decipher.  


Contact Information  

The contact information is a web form that you fill out, they state that someone will get back to you in 24-48 hours. I would rather have an 800 number to call but this seems to be the norm with many of the online auction sites today. 


What Consumers Have to Say 

There are no consumer reviews available for this site either because it is so new or so undiscovered. There are over 500 members listed on the site and there is a forum or chat room that seems to be buzzing about.  



The items that were being sold certainly were not conventional which made the site fun. It is free to register and browse and almost all the items listed were inexpensive. It looks like it would be a fun way to shop online.  The website is easy to navigate and moves pretty quickly. It is definitely worth a look or two.  Even as a seller the fees are relatively low so if you have a few items you want to sell in a different venue this may be the place to do it.  

Worth a visit if only to check out the homemade soaps and air fresheners!  

Subscription: $0  

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Hundreds 



Overall, the Overnightauctions reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however it is not as good as Auction Resource



Overnightauctions Review – Is Overnightauctions.net a Scam