Oohilove Reviews – Is Oohilove.com a Scam?



Oohilove Reviews – Is Oohilove.com a Scam?





The Oohilove reviews show that this is a penny auction site where you purchase bids beforehand, before you ever bid. This is a unique site in that it offers high end designer products for auction. Most penny auction sites do not offer the items that are offered on this site.


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Oohilove is geared toward predominately the female audience carrying items like Louis Vuitton pocket books, Tiffany and Co. jewelry and Gucci items among other designer brands that are exclusively for use by women.


The Oohilove.com review shows that this website has received some free press from women’s magazines. There have been quite a few articles produced about this website, citing the great deals on designer goods.



How It Works


Initially you have to register, this requires a valid email address and a credit card. There is no registration fee, but you do have to buy bid packs at the time of your registration for the registration to be valid. Before you ever bid you have to purchase a bid pack. The bid packs come in different sizes, largely the more bids you buy the cheaper the bids will be. The lowest bid pack is sold for $29.99 which gains you 30 bids.


Once you have purchased the bid pack you can start bidding.


The Oohilove reviews show that this is a well laid out and easy to navigate site. There are some problems with the process that I detected. The items that you win are not shipped until 10-15 days after payment for the item. That seems a bit long, typically if you win an item from an auction site 5- 7 days is the max time for shipping the item out.


The FAQ page is comprehensive enough. They do offer a money back guarantee if you win an item that you are not happy with. All the items that they auction off are sent out with certificates of authenticity that they are actual designer items.


Unfortunately there would seem to be some very unhappy people out there that had used the website. Here is some customer feedback that we found about Oohilove.com


“I really feel that it's a scam. there's been a user cheerleader007 that has been using bidding assistant for an item when it was only 10.00. the auction is still going and the item is now at 72.00 with the highest bidder still being cheerleader007. i calculated it and that means she has spent around $3600 just on the bidding. that's ridiculous. that's more than twice what the bag is worth. FAKE  WEBSITE!” and “PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO THE TRAP. If you think gambling is addictive and bad, this is worst. At least you have a 50% chance of winning when you gamble!”. None of the reviews of this website have been positive. All of the (former) users seem to have experienced the same problems with bidding on this site.  Sitejabber


There are of course positive testimonials that are available on the face book page for this site, but they are not unsolicited.

Some pluses; the items are truly fabulous

Some minuses; there is not a lot of positve information by actual users.


Subscription Price: $0 you have to buy bid packs @ $.99 per bid.

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Around 100


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Overall, the Oohilove reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however, there are better alternative available.



Oohilove Reviews – Is Oohilove.com a Scam?