Oodle.com Reviews – Is Oodle.com a Scam?



Oodle.com Reviews – Is Oodle.com a Scam?




The Oodle.com reviews show that this is an online classified site that has categories for just about everything you can want to buy. It is a social network of sorts that is linked to both Facebook and Twitter. When I visited the website my area was immediately pulled up, which by the way I don’t like so much, I know some folks find it convenient to have their information easily pulled up when they get to a site, not me.


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I browsed around and found some interesting items for sale, like a bedroom set and a 42 inch plasma TV and some other things that I thought were a really great deal. The site was relatively easy to navigate, although frankly I could not put my finger on it but I was not that impressed by the site.


I thought maybe it was that they had so many professional businesses advertising on it, that it turned me off a bit because I feel that if you are shopping the classifieds it is because you are looking for a deal, if you had the money to shop at a retail store or through a dealer you would simply look for new items, not trudge through the classifieds.


The “contact us” information was not very straightforward, you have to answer questions and fill out a form, and I don’t like that either. If I want to contact a company I simply want the contact information period, I do not want to have to go through fifty filters to get to the contact page or have to wait till someone emails me back. I like phone numbers, preferably toll free.


I decided to see what other consumers were saying so I took a look around and found the following comments on site jabber.com “I came to this site thinking that it would have less spam and fraud than craigslist and its even worse. see how many spam sellers you can count that begin their selling point with, (why?). “


Appapeal.com posts the following regarding oodle.com and their customer service “ Oodle has the worst customer support ever! They are slow, not helpful and don't know what they are talking about. I was having trouble with some of my listings and wrote to them. They took about a week to get back to me, and when I did what they advised me to do, it didn't solve anything, only created new problems.”


The Oodle.com reviews also shows that there are positive reviews out there as well also on appapeal.com the following was mentioned by one of the reviewers “Oodle is definitely a step up from Craigslist, as far as the interface is concerned, but so are most other sites made within the last 8 or so years. Either way, its good to see some color on a classifieds site, and the lack of graphics will definitely cause fewer distractions and promote a "get in, get out" mindset.”


The bottom line, it is a good classified website, but not an outstanding site and really offers nothing that sets it out from the pack.


Subscription Price: Free/ there are some sellers fees.

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Hundreds.


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Overall, the Oodle.com reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam?



Oodle.com Reviews – Is Oodle.com a Scam?