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The review shows that this is an auction website that sells a full array of items. It is a membership site that varies in its fee structure, the basic buyer is free, the certified buyer is $4.00 a month, a seller’s account is $8.00 and a founding member is $96.00 per year.



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The founding member package will only be offered to the first one million people to join the website. It includes a host of extras and the price is guaranteed to never increase no matter how well the site does. You also get a $200 credit that goes toward listing enhancements, along with a   DVD on how to buy and sell online and a few other extras.


The review shows that there are five different types of auctions that are conducted on the website, which some people find great, but for my part I am not an avid enough auction attendee to really know what the difference is.


The website is easy to navigate, I could not find any FAQ page which for me is a bit of an inconveinence to me, I like to have everything available in one easy to reach section, I do not like to root around looking for answers.  My dismay was easily cured when I clicked on the help link where there was literally a litany of FAQ’s so really it was my laziness not their neglect (although I do prefer a click on tab for FAQ’s).  There were also not recently ended auctions, which I also do not like, I like to see what stuff is selling for on the site so I will know if shopping here is really an option or not based on my budget and what the stuff on the site sells for.


The review showed the contact information was straightforward and informative, there are several different ways to contact customer service to include a toll free number. It is also nice to have an actual phone number to reach customer service on.


The categories are extensive but to be honest there were not that many items listed in the categories.


I checked out some independent reviews to see what other consumers had experienced on the website and found the following:


“Don’t expect the world at Online Auction. They offer a good amount of listings in various categories, but at times their auctions were a bit sparse. For those who enjoy frequent selling, you may want to consider if you’ll actually sell what you list.”. 


“OLA just may have what it takes to overcome anonymity and play David to eBay's Goliath.”


The bottom line, the site is easy to navigate, the fees are not nearly as high as they are at some other auction sites so this is a big plus, the downside, the items simply do not move as quick as they do at other sites because although not a new company it still has not quite come into its own.


Subscription Price: Varies from $4 per month up to $96 per year

Geography: Currently Nationwide- soon to go global

Number of Items: A couple of hundred



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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam? Review – Is a Scam