Online Jewelry Auction Sites


Online Jewelry Auction Sites  


Online jewelry auction sites can be a great way to find jewelry at discount prices. It would seem that these sites would be a lot more popular than they are but buying jewelry seems to be one of those things that people still prefer to do in person. Probably the most popular site for finding deals on big ticket items is 


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There is something simply sublime about holding a good quality piece of jewelry in your hands and inspecting it before you purchase it that keeps people away from online jewelry auction sites.  




A lot of people that have participated in online jewelry auction sites wind up disappointed. Many times they report the quality not being what they thought and just as many times they report that the item looks very little like the picture shown.  


There is a certain amount of risk of taking advantage of online jewelry auction sites but you can certainly find great deals with a little effort.  


Some Tips  


If you are looking for an engagement ring or another piece of jewelry that is meant to be personal and sentimental than you probably should not use the online jewelry auction sites. These types of items are best purchased in person.  


If you are looking for a gift or something for yourself than using online jewelry auction sites really can save you a ton of money as long as you keep your expectations clear in your own head.  


Be realistic- don’t expect to find a ten thousand dollar ring for fifty bucks. It just is not going to happen. Keep your expectations real. Understand the market and understand what you are buying.  


Do the homework- read reviews before you start bidding. See how things worked out for other people. Understand the sites return policy, shipping policy and get a good customer service number just in case.  


The picture is a picture- when people say that the item did not look like the picture I always think of Big Macs- the picture you see of a Big Mac never looks like what you get at McDonalds but it is still very much a Big Mac. A picture is going to be an item in its best possible light. Of course the item should look a lot like the picture but be a bit flexible.  


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Online jewelry auction sites are a great opportunity to have a little fun while you shop. Start out small with a little trinket and see how it goes from there.