Online Auctions - Find & Profit

Anyone above the age of 18 holding a photo ID can buy a vehicle from any online auction whether it be siezed by the government or sold through a private individual. It was once though that these types of autions were strictly for dealers but this is simply not the case anymore.
So How Does Someone Find These Auctions?
There are several places to find incredible deals on all types of merchandise. However, many auction sites on the web offer old, outdated and incorrect listings. Before joining any of the auction sites, you need to ask yourself a few questions
1. How much does it cost to join? Is it a one-time fee or annual renewal?
2.  Do they offer 1000's of listings or just a few?
3.  Do they offer National, State and Local sources?
4.  Do they provide links to online auctions as well as in-person auctions?
5.  Do they have a customer service department in the event you have a question?
Many of the websites that scour the internet make outragous claims that you can buy a brand new Mercedez for $500. While it is possible, it usually doesn't happen. From our experiences, you can find good automobiles for about 60% of retail value. 

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