Reviews- Is Offandaway a Scam? Reviews- Is Offandaway a Scam?



The reviews show that this is a unique auction website. What makes it unique is that it is a penny auction site that is geared toward travel. Most penny auction sites certainly do not offer the pickings that are found on this website.



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When I visited there were hotel stays in NYC up for grabs and the current bid was $1.40 which that is amazing. I was completely intrigued when I arrived, imagine winning one of these great deals! I began my surf of the site.


The Offandaway review shows that the website was easy enough to navigate. I always go immediately to the “contact us” page because for me transparency is important. I like to know who I am doing business with. I was impressed by the “contact us” information. There is email addresses posted and a toll free number posted as well. The “how does it work” tab took me to a page that described the process which seems pretty straight forward.


One of the things I loved about this site was that the bids that you purchase that are used during the auction you do not lose! You can apply the cash value of the bids to a “book it now” option and still get some great deals or believe this or not, you can actually get your money refunded, now that is definitely a new twist on the penny auction process!


The reviews show that this seemed like a great site, except for one minor problem,  the cost of the bids were a bit high. The were $1.00 each, and each bid was only worth $.10. I also did not like that they did not have any “final auction” prices listed, they have a testimonial page, but not one listed the amount they won the stay for. That sort of bothers me.


The company has a reputable team standing behind it, a former exec from and some big names in the travel industry put the site together. It is definitely worth a look if you are on the hunt for travel deals, worst case scenario you spend a few bucks lose the auction than can use the money to book a hotel at really deep discounts. was interesting, easy to navigate and you may even get a deal out of visiting. It does seem  to me that the primary goal is not so much the auction site but instead to get the bookings from the losers which are obviously more plentiful than the winners are.



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Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Reviews- Is Offandaway a Scam?