Legit Penny Stock Sites  


Do you dream of becoming a day trader? Do you think you have a knack for picking the right penny stocks? Are you looking for legit penny stock sites? 


If you want to try your hand at a little online trading picking out the legit penny stock sites is the first thing you need to do. This will give you a short list that you can whittle down to something shorter based on the criteria you set for the site.  


First Things First  


There are plenty of sites that can throw stock advice at you and there are just as many that can make recommendations for the legit penny stock sites. Going through the list of legit sites that can help you to determine the legit penny stock sites can be a days work to start with.  


Narrowing down a list of legit penny stock sites does not have to be a big stress fest you can find the legit penny stock sites by doing just a tad of research.  


The Big Ones  


Of course the bigger and the more well known the site is the more likely it is one of the legit penny stock sites. The only problem is with the bigger well known sites there are bigger fees associated with them.  


It only stands to reason in this case you pay for what you get. If having support is important to you and insuring that you are on one of the legit penny stock sites than you need to suck it up and pay the fees.  


Lets face facts penny stocks are really a huge risk anyway so finding sites that are dedicated solely to the penny stocks is going to be a push.  


Decent Legit Penny Stock Sites  


There are some decent penny stock sites like alphaking.com, stockwire.com, pinksheets.com. Each of these sites deals solely in penny stocks and are considered legit penny stock sites.  


The sites are legit because they are well established and there is little chance of them disappearing into the night with your money however there is always a big risk with penny stocks.  


A Word of Caution  


As far as investing goes penny stocks carry the highest risk, they also have the highest potential to succeed.  You should start out by using money that you can afford to lose.  

Day trading or trading penny stocks can be a great way to make some extra money. Using legit penny stock sites can really provide the support that you need.