bidcactus review bidcactus scam Review - Is Bidcactus A Scam? 



The Bidcactus review shows that this is a new auction website that features only brand new merchandise. The question is is Bidcactus a scam and what is Bidcactus. First, lets go over how the auction process works at Bidcactus. This appears to be a legit auction site but lacks some of the features and big ticket items that you could find at Auction Resource at a huge discount.



Bidding starts at just $.10 with no reserve. Bids cost only $0.75 each, and come in bidpacks of 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 so you can walk away a winner with only a small amount invested. With each bid placed, an items' price increases by $0.10 or by $0.01 (depending on the type of auction). When you bid, the counter gets re-set up to a maximum of 30 seconds. An auction ends when there are no further bids and there is a winner.



Bidcactus Company Facts:


Launched in April 2009, Bidcactus is a new type of web-based auction experience that combines the thrill of real world entertainment with the efficiency and value of online shopping. Bidcactus was born out of a desire to provide you, the online community, with a fresh approach to "auction entertainment." Because they are digital, they are able to quickly adapt to the rapidly developing product universe in a way that is virtually impossible for land based companies. In this way Bidcactus can provide its customers with access to the latest, cutting-edge product lines offered within the digital and electronics communities.


Bidcactus Review:


Bidcactus is another viable auction site available online. Different auction sites offer different benefits, with big and small ticket items. It’s best to see what each site has to offer before you make any decisions.


However, from our study, this is still a viable site but not as good as Auction Resource.



bidcactus review bidcactus scam















































Penny Auction Strategies  


Penny auction strategies are abundantly available on the web. There are people that have literally devised an art out of bidding at the penny auctions. They devote a lot of time and energy to not only winning at the penny auctions but some have even made a living out of telling people how to win at the penny auction. Before bidding, you should check out the bidcactus reviews to see if it is a bidcactus scam. 


Penny auction strategies vary depending on who you are asking. There are some folks that swear by hitting hard and fast while others like the slow and steady approach. You can devise your own winning strategy by combining a couple of different strategies. 


Fast and Furious 


Big spenders or folks that have a lot of money to waste like this strategy. These folks want to win at all costs. It does not matter to these people whether they are paying well beyond retail as long as they win. You can easily notice people that are using this strategy they are the first to bid and they keep on bidding. 


This strategy is not recommended unless you do not mind throwing money away to win. After all the object of the game is to win but it is also to save money. This is not the best strategy for most people. 


Slow and Steady 


This strategy is better geared toward folks that are in it to win but are also in it to save money. This strategy requires patience. You have to be able to sit and watch the game before jumping in. You have to do your research in this model. Get to know your opponents and learn how to avoid the heavy hitters. 


This strategy also requires that you visit the site at different times of the day to see which time offers the least amount of bidders hanging around which will in turn greatly increase your chance of winning. 


At the Last Minute 


This strategy also requires a great deal of patience and is one of the most commonly used strategies. Penny auction strategies vary but this really is one of the most used because it is a winning strategy. Basically you wait to get into the game until the last minutes of the auction. Hopefully by the last few minutes some of the players have lost interest and are ready to move on or they are not paying attention thinking they have the win in the bag. You swoop in and lay down your bid and win! 


Penny auction strategies are best tempered with a little common sense and a bit of personal input. You can win at the penny auction using the right strategy. 


Before bidding, you should check out the bidcactus reviews to see if it is a bidcactus scam. 




Bidcactus Review  

bidcactus review bidcactus scam