Ibidmotors Review – Is Ibidmotors.com a Scam


Ibidmotors Review – Is Ibidmotors.com a Scam?  


The Ibidmotors review shows that this is a venue online where people come together to buy and sell motor vehicles. The registration is free. To bid on ibidmotors.com you do not have to pay any fees at all but to sell you do. While there appear to be good deals, there seem to be more options at a site like Auction Resource.  


Finding the fee schedule for selling is not available until you register. It would be a lot better if the fee schedule was upfront so you knew exactly what you were getting into.  


Website Layout 


The website is laid out well. It is easy to navigate, but is somewhat lacking in information. The FAQ page is actually not that informative. It addresses things like how to bid and how you know if you won or not, but never even touches on the fees for selling. I am certain sellers fees are a pretty FAQ.  


There is a toll free number that can be called if your questions are not answered on the website, which is always nice to have.  


Things to Consider  


When you are bidding on ibidmotors.com you are not buying anything from the website. The website is just a venue, a host for the buyers and sellers. The website does not guarantee any of the transactions that are made there. This is important to know going in. You are dealing with buyers and sellers that are not guaranteed to produce what they say they will.  


You really have to proceed with caution, there is no safety net here. I did notice that there are a lot of dealers that are listed on the website so that may make the environment a bit safer if you choose to deal only with dealers that are reputable.  


Consumer Reviews  


The Ibidmotors review could not find any reviews of this site that were done by independent consumers. Of course on the website itself there are tons of testimonials all praising ibidmotors.com but there are no independent reviews.  


I did find it interesting though that I found on a Delorean discussion board the mention of a scam artist who was using the venue to defraud folks into bidding on a Delorean that actually belonged to one of the members of the discussion board. This member had realized that it was actually his car that the scam artist was trying to sell off because the picture of the car that was being used to sell it was actually taken in front of his house next to the mail box where the address could clearly be seen!  



My advice to you is to proceed with caution. Sit back and watch the bidding to see how things pan out. Contact some of the buyers that have won and see how things worked out for them.  


Never agree to wire anyone money, and keep your eyes wide open.  


Subscription Price: Free 

Geographical Location: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Hundreds 


Overall, the Ibidmotors review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however you can probably find a better deal at a site like Auction Resource.



Ibidmotors Review – Is Ibidmotors.com a Scam