Review – Is Hudforeclosed a Scam Review – Is Hudforeclosed a Scam?  



The review shows that this is another website that sells through membership HUD foreclosed homes information. HUD stands for Housing and Urban Development it is a federally backed government agency that encourages home ownership by acting as a guarantor on property loans, if someone is to default on their mortgage and goes into foreclosure than HUD assumes the home.  


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This site is not affiliated with HUD, but uses the HUD in its name to influence how consumers see this website. Using HUD in the name of the company lends the company credibility because upon initial impression it does seem as if there is an affiliation.  

The Cost  

This is one of the highest fee for information sites I have come across. The charge is $50 per month. That is a bit extreme. After all what you are paying for is information that is largely free.  You are paying a monthly fee whether you use the site or not, whether you find an auction in your area or not there are no guarantees or warranties offered you are simply handing off $50 per month to gain access to information you may or may not use.  


The review shows that the site does  offer a toll free customer service number that is manned Mon – Fri from 8-5 PST so that was a plus.  There was not any information about the company at all according to their contact page they are located in CA I derived this from their address.  

Here are some of the comments I found from other reviews: at “I authorized a $2.95 fee to be withdrawn from my credit card which they withdrew, but they also have made many hits on my credit card to withdraw $39.80 which was not authorized at all. I never received the password I was supposed to get for my trial $2.95 membership in order to view their web site to look for foreclosed properties in my area for a limited time. I even emailed them on two occasions requesting the password I needed to login to view foreclosed properties in my area, but I never have received a reply. They have hit my credit card every other day trying to withdraw $39.80 even though I have never authorized them to do so.”   

And another at the same site had to say “When I phoned to try to cancel my account, I am given bogus information and when I do put in my name, email and phone number, I am told the info is wrong and yet they (hudforeclosed) continue to debit my checking account for the past 13 months, at 39.40 each month.”

Subscription Price: $50 per month 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: No Items, information 


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Overall, the Hudforeclosed.comreview shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Hudforeclosed a Scam