How to Win Penny Auctions


If you are wondering how to win penny auctions, than you are not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people if not millions that discover penny auctions everyday. These fresh faced folks do their best to compete with the seasoned pros that are out there bidding right along side of them.  


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Penny auctions are the latest craze to hit the internet shopping groups in the last few years. They are seemingly a great way to save tons of money. Most of these sites advise that they sell their items at up to 90% off.  



Take Baby Steps  


So you want to win at the penny auctions! Well there are some tried and true ways you can do that one of the key ways to do that is to take baby steps. That means that you can not jump right in.  


The urge to jump right in will be really strong since most sites encourage you to jump in. They often will give you free bids so that you can get your feet wet. Don’t give into the temptation. Hang on to your money for a while and just check things out.  


Why is this key? If you hang out for awhile and look around you will get a fell for how the site works. You will be able to see how the automatic bidding works and how many times the timer is reset during bidding.  


Once you do jump in don’t be the first to bid, wait as long as you can before placing a bid this will help you to keep things going and hopefully the earlier bidders will grow tired or lose interest. A lot of time early bidders use the auto bid feature and set their high price amount and than walk away from the computer this gives you the opportunity while they are gone to outbid them.  



Not All Sites Are Created Equally 


Some penny auction sites it seems that no one ever wins at, which points to why it is so important to pay attention before you begin bidding. You will be able to see there are different winners on the site and take a look at those winners tactics.  


Paying attention is key, and you should also take the time to read reviews of the site just to insure that the site is authentic before you start pouring money into the bidding wars.  


If you pace yourself you will have a better opportunity at winning.  


Click here for a list of the Top Recommended Auction Sites


There are e books and websites that are dedicated to telling you how to win penny auctions they may be well worth a look!