Review – Is Taxsalelists a Scam? Review – Is Hot Jewelry Auctions a Scam?  


The review shows that this is a jewelry auction website that has a bit of a twist to it. They offer five ways to buy. Live auctions, timed auctions, buy it now, best offer, reverse auctions. The different ways to purchase make this a stand out site from the rest.  


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Live auctions are the traditional auctions that most folks recognize in real life. This is where you bid in real time, the timed auctions is you and the other bidders trying to beat the clock, buy it now is for when you see something you just can’t wait for and you purchase it at the price that the seller as listed as a buy it now option instead of bidding. Best offer is when you get to set the price that you are willing to pay. When I visited the reverse auction feature was not yet available but the site did say it was coming soon.  

This auction site has thought of some innovative options for buying!  It is somehow an ebay affiliate site but I could not exactly figure out how.  

I browsed the site and the first thing I noticed on the landing page was  a toll free number, which I really appreciate, it just lends validity to the website to know that there is a number that you can reach someone at if the need arises.   

They offer a 100% guarantee no questions asked. Which is a great bonus, you do not have to get special shipping return numbers and have a reason that they agree with for the return, if you don’t like what you get you simply return it and get a full refund.  Customer service can be conveniently contacted between 8am and 3pm PST, unfortunately the reviews that I read online do not suggest that refunds are that easy to come by and they only refund the price of the item not the shipping nor the buyers premium and they charge a 10% restocking fee as well.  That stinks!  

I shopped around a bit and a little disappointed by the prices. I know a fair bit about jewelry beyond just a love for it and I know that this site was overpriced on a few their gems. I think of it this way if I had a couple of thousand of dollars to drop on a bracelet/ring/necklace or earrings I would just go to a jewelry store and drop it there, where I could see the quality of the stones and craftsmanship of the setting. However, there are some good deals to be had on this site so just do a little research.

I looked around a bit more and found the 15% buyer s premium that has to be paid for winning items. Not a deal breaker if you can get a good deal on the item. I don’t like having to pay for something on top of something that I am already paying for.  

Here is what the folks at had to say: 

“The issue I have that if the products were even close to the pictures - I wouldn't think it was such a scam... but the reality is that the four rings were worse in quality than a costume jewelery ring that my wife recently bought.” And “After THREE e-mails, I finally received an invoice. TWO more e-mails trying to find how to pay for resizing. I never found out. Charged $15 shipping. Shipped first class, not insured, in a plain 5x7 manilla envelope with the $500 ring rolled in tissue paper and shipped in a zipped bag. The ring was to say the least disappointing” 

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Membership Cost=$0 

Geography = Worldwide 

Number of Items= 100’s 

Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Taxsalelists a Scam?