Review – Is Taxsalelists a Scam? Review – Is Gunbroker a Scam?  


The review shows that this is definitely a unique site. It is dedicated to all things hunting, shooting and weapon related. The contact us page actually takes you to an information page, I could not find any contact information for this site.  


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As a buyer on this website you either have to have a FFL license to accept delivery of the firearms or you have to find an FFL holder in your state to accept delivery of your firearm, which is a good feature. Initially I was a bit concerned that auctioning off weapons on the internet could potentially lead to some bad folks getting their hands on guns and the like, ultimately it is still very possible that this could happen but at least there is this safety mechanism in place.  

I read some of the literature that is presented in PDF format and one of the suggestions that the website makes is to check sellers feedback rating. 

This website is an international website which means that folks all around the world can bid and sell. I could not figure out if there is a buyers premium or a sellers premium because the information was just not posted.  There are some fees that are paid, because there is quite strong language regarding trying to avoid these fees and what can happen.  

There were a lot of items up for grabs on this website, the website claims over 2 million new users each month, perhaps that number is a bit inflated but I am certain this website has a substantial number of new members each month.  

I could not find any answers to any of my questions about this site and could not find any contact information so that I could ask the questions that I had that were not addressed on the website.  I was not alone I found this comment at “There's no way to contact Gunbroker, I have tried over and over again to contact them regarding a charge on my cc and can not contact them!” 

From what I have gathered from other review sites, the registration at requires a valid credit card which they charge a $1 non refundable fee to validate it. Some folks are a bit hot around the collar because it seems that their $1 charge happens multiply times and they want their money back.  The reality is if the website states it will charge you one dollar and that is what you agree to than that is the only charge you should see. Of course it is silly to squabble over an additional dollar, but why should they get to keep more money than you agreed to have them take out.  

I found this comment on left by a buyer that was suspicious of a seller that was using the same picture to sell the same gun at three separate auctions “I went to gunbroker to report him, and it is impossible to do that, their web site runs in circles, from the report a person to F.A.Q's back to how to report a person back to F.A.Q. WTF? I spent 30 minutes trying to figure it out and I am very knowledgeable with auction sights, ebay, etc.”  

I could not find any positive ratings, but this could be because folks that are buying from this site are simply not interested in leaving behind any ratings.  

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Subscription Price: $0-$1 

Geography: Worldwide 

Number of Items: Hundreds 

Overall, the review shows this is a viable site and is not a scam.