Review – Is Grabaroo a Scam? Review – Is Grabaroo a Scam?



The review shows that this site is an unusual approach to auctions. Instead of bidding in increments, you watch the ticker as the price drops and try to grab it at the price you want it at. For example lets say you are trying to “win” a gift card for a favorite store for $100, well the ticker will start at $100, and move down in small increments, as the ticker drops the price the more people that are at the “event” the quicker the ticker will move, once it reaches the price you are willing to pay you simply click and win.



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However, Tthere is a $29.99 a month membership fee, which seems high to me, with that $29.99 membership fee you get 300 credits, which you can use to enter the auction, but typically entering the auction alone costs you 10 credits, of course you have to have credits and if you run out than you can simply buy some more.


The FAQ page did not answer my questions, so I hit the Contact Us Button, they had a toll free number posted, or you had the option of filling out an e form to ask your question.  I ventured to call the toll free number but it was after their 9-6 hours that were listed when they accepted calls, I couldn’t be bothered to call the next day, the site just seemed a lot to have to deal with to get items that I was not that hot to have anyway.

The cost to me seemed high and was a lot of money each month just to participate. I think of it like this, if I was to win one event a week, and there are typically four weeks in a month I am already paying $7.50 for whatever item it is because of that $29.99 membership fee each month, I think the probability of winning one item a week is pretty low, unless you have the luxury of sitting in front of your computer each and every day to increase your odds, I don’t have that luxury.


The site was easy to navigate and seemed like it was fun to use, if you had the time and the inclination. The items offered were a bit random, and you can not search for items that you wanted.


Subscription Price: $29.99

Geography: Nationwide? Maybe Worldwide (could not determine)

Number Of Items: Random amounts- each event scheduled had a few of the same items available, maybe twenty per day were auctioned off.



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Overall, the Grabaroo review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Grabaroo a Scam?