Government Surplus Auction

Finding good deals at a government surplus auction has become easier with the slower U.S. economy. There are currently not as many bidders at these auctions as there used to be which is a good thing for the people that are attending.

There are a number of different things you will find at one of these government surplus auctions. Most people go just for vehicles but there are things such as jewelry, stereos, sports equipment, collectibles, you name it. There is literally millions of dollars worth of merchandise sold at a government surplus auction each and every year.

How does the government end up with this merchandise?

Forfeited property is generally the result of drug arrests, tax evasion or some other form of criminal activity where it was determined that the merchandise should be seized. While it is common for this to happen, the government agencies do not want to be a storage unit. So what they do is hold a government surplus auction to sell the property and collect the money.

Many people today make a full time income by attending a government surplus auction and selling their new products either locally or online.

So how does someone find a government surplus auction?

The most reliable source we have found for buying seized property from the government is Here is a recent review of Gov-Auctions with some customer feedback.