How to Find Government Seized Properties



Buying government seized properties are a great way for consumers to get a heck of a deal on just about anything. Whatever you’re looking for, the government probably has it and is trying to sell. The real key is knowing where to look and doing your research.


Now I know the word “research” doesn’t excite a lot of people.  I would rather watch the grass grow than sit in front of a computer for hours trying to decide between what’s legit and what’s a scam. It can seem like an overwhelming task at first site but it’s easier than you might think.


I have been investing in government auctions for over nine years and have completed 1000’s of transactions so let me give you a few tips. When you know what to look for and do the proper research, making or saving money with government seized properties is quite simple.


  1. Know the difference between legit and fake – Many online auction sites claim to have the inside scoop on government seized properties. It’s almost like it’s top secret information that only the elite are able to find. Many of these sites claim that you can buy merchandise at a 90% discount. While sometimes you can, I typically buy at a discount of 50-60%. The key is doing your research and the best way to do that brings me to the most important factor of all.


  1. Check reviews of actual users – Don’t just go by what the auction site tells you. Go out and find some actual user feedback. I’m not talking about someone giving you a sales pitch with the “honest review” approach. You can spot these a mile away as they are just giving you positive feedback trying to make a sale. Finding the actual feedback is now easier than you think.



So there you have it. It really is quite simple when you do your research. We have made it even easier by offering a detail guide on auction buying that can be found here at