Review – Is a Scam Review – Is a Scam?   


The review shows that this is a website that is dedicated to providing foreclosure listings to its members.  It does not sell anything except memberships, you do not buy property through the site. You as a member will gain access to the database which is controlled by 


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According to the website it has been in business since 1998. The business is located in Garden City, NY. There is customer service available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, which seemed a little odd to me since you really aren’t buying anything from the site, why would you have to call them 24 hours a day? 


Membership Fees 

There is a free 7 day trial period, when you register you get 5 free Ebooks as a registration gift. I wanted to check things out so I went to the join here page.  The cost is not immediately available to find out the fee after the 7 day “free” trial (which I will address in a minute) you have to fill out a form. The form requires that you make a user name and password up, once that form is filled out you are taken to another page where you have to input your name, email address and your home address after which you are taken to another page where you are given your membership options.  

The 7 day “free” trial only costs $3.95- sorry but to me that is not free- the lowest membership package costs $99.00 for a year long membership, which is a pretty big savings over the $39.95 regular monthly fee.  I was already dismayed as soon as I saw the $3.95 charge for their “free” offer. I like transparency when I am doing business, I do not like to have to jump through hoops only to find that I jumped through them for nothing.  


What Do You Get For Your Membership? 

The review shows that you get the information that you can get for free if you walked into any county court house anywhere in the US.  The information that you are provided is the same information that is provided by the county courthouse when a home has gone into foreclosure. You get the address of the property, the name of the trustee and the date of sale.  



Overall this website is easy to navigate, but quite frankly I could not get past the not so “free” trail period.  The FAQ page did not address any membership questions, although if you have a how to question for bidding or foreclosed property question you will likely find the answer here, but that did not make me feel secure about trying out the site. If you are interested in obtaining foreclosure listings and prefer not to have to do the leg work than I would guess this is as good a site as any.  They do offer a lot of tutorial opportunities for the fine art of bidding at auction.  


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Subscription Price: $39.95 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: 0 – information 


Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is a Scam