Review – Is Foreclosurefreesearch a Scam? Review – Is Foreclosurefreesearch a Scam?



The review shows this is another website that provides information to its members regarding foreclosed properties. The moniker of the website is a bit misleading, because the service is in fact a subscription based service and it is not free.



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There is a seven day free trial, and as long as you cancel before the free trial period has ended you will not be charged anything to your card. If you do not cancel before the 7 days are up than you will be charged $9.95 per week on a monthly basis which the websites says is $39.80 but which I figure to be only happening 8 times a year depending on the month the other the other four months the cost is going to be $49.70  of course largely depends on which month it is because some months have 5 weeks where some have 4, I guess it is all moot, the obvious cost is $9.95 per week.


So is actually only free for 7 days. So what do you get for your $9.95 per week? You get access to the websites data base of foreclosure listings that are purported to be updated daily, you also for the cost gain access to the “foreclosure knowledge center” which is a members only area that provides informative articles, webinars and tips and tricks to successfully purchasing foreclosed properties.


The review has found several reviews for this auction site.


“Pros: Great customer service considering the relationship with the higher ranked Cons: The listing features and additional tools lacked in both quantity and quality. The Verdict: This site has a long way to go to begin to compete with other foreclosure listing services.”, the reviewers at another independent consumer reviewer site found the following “The website was one of the simplest foreclosure websites we came across. There are no gimmicks or flashy banners – just a basic foreclosure search map and a few links directing you to the different areas of the site.”


Most consumers seem to be in agreement that this website is easy to navigate, the information is current and all around the site was rated as worthy of a try.


The  “contact us” page had plenty of contact information listed which always lends credibility to the site. Cancelling your subscription seemed easy enough, you merely put your information in a eform and hit send, and should have your cancellation confirmation in your email inbox in seconds.


The Foreclosurefreesearch reviews show that even if a person decides not to join the website, there is plenty of free information that is available to non members, that act as teasers to get you to subscribe, but the information is largely informative and can be a great resource for research and learning.


This site is well worth a visit, you may be able to get all the information you are looking for during the 7 day free trial.


Subscription Price: $9.95 per week

Geography: Nationwide

Number of Items: Lists of Properties




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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Foreclosurefreesearch a Scam?