Review – Is Foreclosuredeals a Scam Review – Is Foreclosuredeals a Scam?  

The review shows that this is a website that sells foreclosed property lists. It is one of many websites that has cropped up in response to the unfortunate epidemic of foreclosures in the country. This website does not have any stand out features of the many other websites that are dedicated to the same activity which is why it didn’t make the top recommended sites list 


The website itself is well laid out and easy to navigate. They offer tutorials and some extra tools that you can use to calculate costs and other things.  



The contact page has an address in Miami Florida and a fax number; it does not have a phone number. There is also a web contact form that you can fill out; there is also an alternate email address that is posted if you are having difficulties using the web form.  

There is no information given about the company. 



The Foreclosuredeals review shows that this, like many websites of this type, there is a seven day free trial that is offered after which the $39.95 a month will kick in automatically.  The free trial actually costs $3.95, that is not free, but a lot of folks must feel that $3.95 is not a lot of money and don’t mind that they were invited to try the service for free and wind up paying for it. This is an automatic subscription site that will automatically renew each month unless you cancel the subscription. This type of site always seems to have a bit of a problem with cancelling the subscription.   


What Consumers Have To Say 

According to foreclosure-listings-webiste.no1reviews “Whilst there are sites around that are better all-round performers, Foreclosure Deals has much to recommend it and is certainly one of the better options amongst the sites that narrowly missed making it into our top ten.” This is a pretty positive review but it is the only review out there.  

This website evidently is relatively new and there is not much independent information available. It is hard to decide if this website will function as it is supposed to because there is so little independent information available.  

The website is easy to navigate; the cost is about average for websites that specialize in this market.  It is hard to make a recommendation one way or another about the website but if you don’t mind losing the roughly four dollars you could give it a shot for a week to see if it is worth the $39.95 a month or $99.00 a year (which is obviously the better deal if you think you will be using the site beyond two months). 

Subscription Cost: $39.95 per month 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Lists of foreclosed properties. 


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Overall, the review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Foreclosuredeals a Scam