Foreclosuredata Review – Is a Scam?


Foreclosuredata Review – Is a Scam?  



The review shows that this is a website that offers members access to over 2 million homes across the United States. This is one of many sites that are selling memberships to get information regarding foreclosed properties. Probably the most popular and well knows foreclosure site being Auction Resource at a glance does not seem to have much more to offer than any other sites like it. The foreclosure industry has become big business and there is a lot of other websites trying to grab some of the same attention. ‘ does not immediately seem to have anything that jumps right out at you. A little investigation revealed the following about this foreclosure information site.  


Longevity- has had a web presence since 1998! That is probably at least five years longer than most sites. The fact that this site has been in business more than a decade tells me that they are doing something right.  


Fees-The fees are industry average at $39.90 per month and the standard 7 day “free” trial that costs $2.95 so is not free at all but a standard fee on like websites.  


You really don’t get anything for your membership fee but lists of foreclosures that are available for free but it is a time saving tool because all the work is done for you!  


Ease of Use is user friendly but you do have to search around a bit for information. The fees were not posted conspicuously so I had to search around a bit. This can actually work to the sites disadvantage because most people like to know upfront without having to search what the fees will be.  


Independent Reviews  


Most of the reviewers of this site made complaints mostly about being unable to cancel their subscriptions. At there were three comments left that complained of being unable to cancel their subscription. For example “They keep on charging me 40 dollars a month. Please tell me how to stop this. This is obviously a fraud! They sent to me numerous email notices: "Thank you for contacting our support staff. A qualified support specialist will be contacting you within 24 hours. Thank You/Foreclosure Data/Help Desk" But never reply to my inquiry about how to cancel the service.” 




Another review from the same site “Signed up for trial 7 day access to for 2.95. I set up my user id and password. Could not access website- received invalid ID. I contacted the credit card company to report that I couldn't access the website. Their representative acknowledged they could not access either and entered a ticket for me, and claimed it would take up to 48 hours for a response. He was kind enough to extend my trial by those two days. I continued to attempt to access the website to no avail, nor did I hear from the company.” This commenter never got access and wound up filing a dispute with the CC company to keep from taking anymore money.  




Subscription Price:$39.90 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of items: Lists of foreclosed properties.  




Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however not as popular as Auction Resource.  



Foreclosuredata Review – Is a Scam?