Foopile Reviews – Is a Scam?


Foopile Reviews – Is a Scam?  


The Foopile review shows that although this site has a funny name, but is serious about the penny auction business. The slogan for Foopile is “piles for less” they could have done a bit better with the slogan for sure. While this site is gaining popularity, it is still not as popular as for deals on big ticket items. 


Slogans come and go the real business about this site is whether there is a reason to visit. Penny auction sites are plentiful. Why should you visit this site?  


Cost Of Bids 


Given the slogan at Foopile, I figured the cost of bids would be “less” since I could get piles for less. I checked out the bid prices and found that each bid costs around forty nine cents. Not too shabby given that most penny auction sites charge anywhere between forty cents to a dollar.  


I think that they could be doing a bit better with their free bids for registration. They offer three free bids! That is pretty low and by far does not even come close to industry standards which are usually around ten bids or more for free when you register. Three bids for free are not much of an incentive frankly.  




The Foopile review shows that this site does  have decent items up for grabs. There were a lot of electronics when I visited.  


Contact and FAQ 


Well there is no contact page per se instead the contact information is listed at the bottom of the help page. They do provide a phone number and a physical address which I like. This company is appropriately located in one of the gambling capitals of the world-Las Vegas. Penny auctions are actually more games of chance than they are auctions.  




Other people have left the following comments after a visit to this site: 


At “It's been over a month - still waiting for items won? Extremely poor with customer service - no replies.” 


Another from “They take a long time to ship and very rarely respond to e-mails. They give an excuse that they had a problem with their e-mail, but there isn't any problem with them sending out the daily notifications that the following auctions will be closing.. When they do they respond with I do not understand your request.” 


One more for good measure from “Yea, they took a bit longer to get my items to be than stated, but I did end up getting everything I won. Considering how well I did on their site, I can excuse the slow shipping times.” 


An easy site to navigate, they defenitely need to work on their shipping times according to oter reviewers and they should ante up a few more freebies. Might be worth a look!  


Subscription Price: You buy bids 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: Hundreds 


Overall, the reviews shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however you may have better luck with a service like for deals on big ticket items. 



 Foopile Reviews – Is a Scam?