Review – Is Taxsalelists a Scam? Reviews – Is Fashion Bay a Scam?  


The review shows that this is a penny auction site that focuses on designer fashion and gift cards. The idea is that you purchase bids at $.80 each and than bid against other folks and the clock. I am always a bit leery of these types of sites because I do not like having to pay for something that I may not win. 


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Paying money up front to buy bids so that you can possibly win an item seems to me a bit of a waste of money, there is no refunds on bid packages at all. The lowest amount of bid package purchase you can buy costs twenty bucks, so even if you do not win you will be out twenty dollars. That to me is simply to risky.  

For some folks this may be the way they choose to go, to be frank though I did not see anything on this site that would lead me to jump in feet first. I saw a lot of bid packages being auctioned off and some gift cards that may be worth a chance. 

I don’t like that they announce the winning bid as if that is the total amount, for example a Mastercard $25 gift card was “won” for $1.92 which sounds fabulous except the real cost looks more like this each bid is worth  $.10 but you are paying $.80 for the bid so you are instantly losing $.70 on every bid that $25 Mastercard that was won probably cost more like $10.00 than the $1.92 plus the site earns whatever money the other bidders lost, they could potentially earn $50-$60 for a $25 Mastercard.  

I also did not like the contact us page, it only had an email form, no phone number and no physical address this always sends up a flag for me. I like to know who I am doing business with and I like to have a phone number so I can speak to someone if the need arises. However, this seems to be common practice with a lot of auction sites so it's not a deal breaker. had this to say about “ is a scam. I’ve wasted a lot of my hard earned cash on that website. I bought 300 bids and never won anything. They won’t let you win unless they have profitted off you. Whoever owns that site makes a fortune and pays celebrities to promote the items. I found out the hard way. If it’s too good to be true it is!” and “Total Scam… I have watched one user use 500 bids to win a 75 bid package , how does that make sense?” 

Between what I saw while I was there and what other consumers had to say, this site may be worth a chance.

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Subscription Price: 0 

Geography: Nationwide 

Number of Items: over 100 mostly gift cards 

Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam. Review – Is Taxsalelists a Scam?