Farauctions Review – Is Farauctions.com a Scam?


Farauctions Review – Is Farauctions.com a Scam?  


The Farauctions.com review shows that this is a website that is billed as a free auction site. For basic stores and selling the account is free. For buying the account is free. Verification is not free not for the seller or the buyer although the fee is small to become verified. Does have promise, but not quite as good as Auction Resource for big ticket items. 


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This is a newcomer to the web auction sites. Founded in 2009 from the looks of things business has grown quite a bit in the last two years. The website has a professional feel to it although there is room for improvement- isn’t there always room for improvement?  


Some Features 


Well to start with I did not like that I could not browse the site without becoming a member. I don’t necessarily know if I want to become a member and I am not allowed to look around unless I do. Every time I clicked on any page links a pop up came and let me know if I was a member I needed to login if I was not I needed to become one to look around- total drag.  


I went to the registration page and it seemed to daunting to deal with and I did not want to give up my paypal info and my email info. I just wanted to check things out! Even when I tried to access the help info I was faced with that darn pop up again.  


I could not get any answers so I was forced to rely on what other folks had to say about their experiences with farauctions.com.  



Consumer Reviews 


From autoauctionreviews.com “There is no membership fee but this site has a lot of fees to charge. There is a onetime payment of $30 which is non-refundable. If you want to highlight your item, you will pay additional $5. If you want it to be featured in a specific category you need to pay $15. Now if you want to display your product in their main page that will be additional $30 for you. I find the fees overwhelming for sellers. It will be hard for them to pay a lot of fees without the assurance that their items will be sold.” That irritates me! How can a site bill itself as free when there are fees out the ying yang? 


Honestly there really was not that much information out there. It is a relatively new site in all fairness and maybe with time there will be more buzz but for right now there is none.  





It is really hard to make the call. There is no way to browse without registering, there is no way to check out the fees. There is no company information listed and the only contact is through email. If farauctions.com wants a piece of the auction pie they need to fix their issues like allowing people to look around and get their interest up and by providing a bit more information about the site to web crawlers that are looking for some place interesting to shop.  


Subscription Price: Unknown- You have to join to find out 

Geography: Worldwide?- Maybe worldwide the membership form shows the UK as an option 

Number of Items: Not Known-You have to join to see the items.  


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Overall, the Farauctions reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam. 



Farauctions Review – Is Farauctions.com a Scam?