Reviews – Is Fantasticbid a Scam? Reviews – Is Fantasticbid a Scam?





The reviews show that this is another penny auction website that is billed as entertainment shopping. I am not certain what that means, I am not sure if it applies to the items on the website as in they are all entertainment related or if it applies to the actual shopping activity itself as in it is an entertaining way of shopping.


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Well let’s get down to the basics. Like most all penny auction websites you have to purchase your bids up front. Most bids are worth $.01 each, but you pay around $.063 per bid. So each time you bid it costs you $.62, which isn’t too bad since some of these penny auction websites charge around a dollar per bid.


The reviews show that the least expensive bid pack you can purchase contains 40 bids at a cost of $24.95, so essentially although membership is free you are paying at least $24.95 to get your foot in the door. There is some charitable component to the site, there are charity auctions held where the proceeds are donated to the charity that the user picks from a list of charities. It did bring to mind the thought that this website was using its charitable connections to gain the goods that they auctioned off.


When I visited the site there was literally 5 pages of live auctions occurring, with only 4 items that were not bid packs or gift cards. That is a lot of bid packs and gift cards for auction.


The review found one reviewer left an unsolicited comment that at best was brief, but they did report that the site was “fun to use”.


The site was easy enough to navigate, and I get that you have to have bids to place bids, but it seems a bit like a test of patience to have to sit and bid on bids only to lose and have to try to sit again and bid on more bids, so that eventually you will have enough bids to bid on a big ticket item. Honestly this is not my kind of entertainment.


There is a customer service number posted but there are some complaints on other websites that are set up for consumer reviews that state “customer service does not answer their phone“.  I have some concerns about their business practices like  “why do the items not ship for 15 days after winning them?” are not addressed anywhere. 


The conclusion: It may be fun to bid on this site, but the items that are worth bidding on seem to be far and few in between. The cost is affordable so that may prompt some consumers to try things out, but largely I think there are better penny auction sites available. There simply was not enough items to bid on. Of the four worthwhile items that were listed for auction the retail prices for them were largely inflated.


Subscription Price: $0 but you  have to buy bid packs which at the least expensive is $24.95

Geography: Worldwide

Number of Items: Roughly 100 with around 94% being gift cards and bid packs.


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Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however there are better alternatives available. Reviews – Is Fantasticbid a Scam?