Ebates.com Review – Is Ebates a Scam



Ebates.com Review – Is Ebates a Scam?  


The Ebates.com review shows that this is an unusual site. You don’t actually bid on anything. They are partnered with recognizable companies that you probably already do business with. Ebates.com offers rebates on items that you purchase.  


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This can be a great opportunity to get some money back on items that you would already be purchasing anyway. There is no fee to register so you don’t lose anything.  



How You Get Your Money Back 


The money that is paid back to you is paid out every three months unless you have less than $5.01 in your ebates.com account than the balance will be carried over to the next three month payment.  


You have a couple of options to get your money back. You can get a check in the mail. You can get it credited to your Paypal account. You can also elect to send your ebates to a charity of your choice.  



A Great Idea 


This is a pretty great idea. If you shop online anyway, why not get some extra money back. The sign up process is simple and there are literally tons of stores that you can do business with. All big names and all offering items that you would be buying anyway.  


Some of the cash back is quite impressive like 3% from Home Depot that can be substantial if you spend some money there. You can also get coupons delivered right to your inbox for some of your favorite stores. There are a lot of free shipping codes that you can also snag while there.  




Over at epinions.com this is what one reviewer had to say “Wow - its true, Ebates actually pays you to shop on the internet. There are relatively few gimmicks and they send a real check - no store coupons or paypal. What could be better?” 


Most folks have found this site to be trustworthy and a great opportunity. Ptmoney.com had a reviewer leave the following “Ebates.com is pretty much the best online shopping cash back website out there. They’ve been around since 1998. I’ve used them on and off since 2006 and have always had a great experience with them!” 




This website is a no brainer. You do not have to pay anything out of pocket to join. You get to save all kinds of money and get money back!  There are no forms to fill out, nothing to do other than shop at the stores that you normally would shop at just use Ebates.com to get there. 




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The Ebates.com review shows that this is a viable site and is not a scam. 



Ebates.com Review – Is Ebates a Scam