Dubli.com Reviews – Is Dubli.com a Scam?



Dubli.com Reviews – Is Dubli.com a Scam?





The Dubli.com reviews show that this is another penny auction website that is a bit more expensive than most penny auction sites. Like with most penny auction websites you have to purchase the bid packs before you begin to bid.


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The bids on Dubli.com cost $.80 per bid if you buy 10 and $.76 per bid if you buy 500 which really isn’t such a huge savings and will cost you $400 to buy 500 bids. A lot of folks have a real problem with having to purchase bids before they ever actually bid on anything, and are faced with losing the money if they do not win the item. This is how penny auctions make their money. Of course there is always the possibility that you will win the item that you are bidding on and save hundreds of dollars.


Here is how it works; you buy a bid pack and start bidding, for each bid that you enter it is equivalent to $.01 but you have paid $.80 for the bid, so with each bid you make you are losing $.79 right off the top. An item that you win for say $20.00 you are actually paying $35.80 which actually may still be a great deal.


The Dubli.com review shows that this website is well laid out and there is a host of information that is available on the website. This is one of the few websites that offers information regarding the founder, CEO and officer of the company. There is a brief bio for the founder and other board members on the website. This is a German based business.


Another unique feature of this website is that there are worldwide auctions held. Dubli.com has been on the internet scene since around 2002. It offers your usual penny auction fare, gift cards, electronics, some jewelry and other items.


I could not locate any unsolicited consumer reviews regarding this Dubli.com. I did find plenty of information regarding this website when it was merely a start up and was offering membership packages to raise capital.


To be frank there were not many items that grabbed my attention, for example under the heading for “Him” there were three items listed, a pen, and two different colognes. The heading for “kids” also had three items listed, a Lego set, a Toy Car set and Barbie Learning LapTop. There simply was not that much to choose from. The “gaming” header had 9 games listed, “women” had 15 items listed the largest category was gift cards at 101.


My personal take on the site is that it primarily sells gift cards for obvious reasons, which means the cheapest you could possibly buy a gift card for is $10.00 which is the lowest costing bid pack, and the likelihood of winning any item with the lowest costing bid pack is not very good.  “Winning” a $25.00 gift card for $20.00 is really not worth the effort.


In all fairness to the website there are some folks that may really enjoy bidding on these items and may feel as if the savings is well worth it.

Subscription Price: $0 you buy bid packs at a minimum of $10

Geography: Worldwide

Number of Items: Roughly 150


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Overall, the Dubli.com reviews show this is a viable website and is not a scam, however there are better alternatives available.




 Dubli.com Reviews – Is Dubli.com a Scam?