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The review shows that this is an auction site dedicated to remarketing motor vehicles. has been in business on the web since 1998. This is a well known auction site with mixed reviews. While there are some deals to be had, it lacks compared to Auction Resource.





The site is relatively easy to surf, it is required that you join the site. The site is authentic, but there are some things you need to know before you consider partaking in the auctions.


Where Do The Cars Come From?


The cars on are largely vehicles that have been involved in accidents or have been repossessed. These cars can be a great deal, but you really have to know what you are doing when it comes to the value and the bidding on the cars. Keep in mind you are bidding against people from around the world so competition can be fierce.


Site Facts


The review shows that the website is laid out well. It is easy to navigate. There is contact information posted which is nice. The FAQ page is well laid out and informative.


Membership is a members only website. What this means is you have to join the website to do any bidding. As a free member you can bid and buy any vehicle up to $1000. I was kind of struck by this because usually $1000 does not buy you much car. You can upgrade so that you can bid and buy more expensive cars, but that requires a $200 fee PLUS a $400 refundable deposit.



That seems a bit high to be able to bid on something you really have no guarantee of winning.




Some Perks can probably attribute their success to the fact that the vehicles can be inspected the day before the auction, now it may not be reasonable for you to appear in person, but you certainly can send a mechanic in your place to take a look.


Being able to physically inspect or have someone inspect for you the vehicles that are coming up for bid is a great opportunity to have a better idea of what you are bidding on.


Of course if there is not a storage facility within traveling distance of where you are located than you will have to pay someone in the area to go have a look see for you. So you will be out a few more dollars before you even begin to bid!


Consumer Reviews


A consumer posted a question on Yahoo answers regarding the validity of the site and the following reply was left “I use Coparts everyday. It is for dealers that know what they are buying. They primarily sell insurance or repo cars. Almost all the cars are salvage or damaged in some way.” Not the best review but not the worst either.


Bottom Line


If you decide to use than it is strongly suggested you do your research before hand. Know what the value of a car is before you decide to bid. You may find your dream car that needs a bit of work for pennies on the dollar!




Overall, the reviews show that this is a viable site and is not a scam, however probably not as good as Auction Resource.
 Review – Is a Scam




Interesting Ariticle On Penny Auctions


Best Penny Auction Sites  


If you did a survey of one hundred people and asked which is the best penny auction sites? You may very easily come up with one hundred different answers. There are so many penny auction sites that narrowing down the best can be a bit of a challenge.  


Of course the best sites all share similar traits so deciding which the best penny auction sites are may really come down to just describing the traits that make a penny auction site best and than those traits can be a guideline to judge the site you plan on using.  


Traits to Look For  


The best penny auction sites are going to share some traits those traits are: 


·         Easy of Use- no one wants to spend the majority of their time at the penny auction site trying to figure out how to use it. You want the site to be user friendly 

·         Clear Concise Information- the best penny auction sites lay out all their cards on the table for you to see. That means that you will be able to see exactly what the procedures are and what the regulations are.  

·         Best Merchandise- the best penny auction sites will offer the best merchandise. A lot of penny auction sites have low quality inventory with a few high end items thrown in. Ultimately the best sites offer more high quality items with only a few lower end items thrown in.  

·         Contact Information- the best penny auction sites offer contact information that includes phone numbers and physical addresses.  

·         Liberal Return Policies- the best sites will have a liberal return policy for items that arrive that are not in the condition expected.  

·         Liberal Policies- a site that has liberal policies will rank among the best. Liberal policies mean that the website offers rebates and freebies for lost bids. A lot of sites that rank among the best offer free bids to new members and offer a way to redeem your lost bids through buy it now options.  


Locating the Best Auction Sites  


Trying to find the best penny auction sites will take a bit of homework on your part. You can do a simple web search to locate all the available sites.  You can also read consumer reviews to get a good idea of which site is more reliable than others.  


Finding the best penny auction sites are easy because there are so many choices available.  


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